Our Therapists

Ruth Hermolle LCPH MARH


07526 273474

My first career was in Personnel Management. I discovered homeopathy at a short Homeopathic First Aid course. Intrigued by this individualised approach to health I undertook the 4 year training the Midlands College of Practical Homeopathy, graduating in 1996.

So, I have been in practice as a registered homeopath for 25 years. Eleven years ago I also trained as a counsellor and practised this alongside homeopathy. However, in 2021 I decided to focus my work on homeopathic medicine as this seems to me to be the most holistic route to health.

As homeopathy treats the whole person, rather than a symptom or diagnosis, I do not specialise in treating any particular condition. My experience is that homeopathic treatment is useful when troubled by recurring or chronic conditions, when conventional treatment is not available or appropriate, or when a different approach is required.


Bowen Therapy and Homeopathy

07497 767580

I qualified as a State Registered Nurse. Whilst training my interest in natural medicine began. Much later, with family grown up, I became a registered homeopath. Because of my own long-standing back problems I wanted to be able to offer others a gentle hands-on treatment. The Bowen Technique fitted the bill and I’ve enjoyed being in practice for over 20 years now.

I am a full member of the Bowen Therapy Professional Association, and a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.

I regularly attend courses to extend my learning for my continual professional development.

Maria Chrysostomou MAR

Reflexology, Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT), Thai Foot Massage, Reiki

07730 039038

I began my journey working with people and their health in 2002 as a gym instructor. Overtime I came to realise that to achieve overall well-being we need to address our emotional, mental and nutritional needs. This is what brought me to work in natural health.

Having on-going back problems I tried reflexology and reiki, both of which helped me immensely. I was so impressed with the results I had that I thought it would be good if I could help people in the same way that I was helped. I initially trained as a reiki practitioner in 2002 and then as a reflexologist in 2003. My reflexology training was with the Association of Reflexologists (AoR).

I am a member of the VRT Network and a full member of the Association of Reflexologists; this ensures that I work to a strict Code of Practice and Ethics and attend regular seminars and courses as part of my continuing professional development.